Lord Scum

by Lord Scum

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The Goon
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The Goon This little label is indeed an awesome secret. This album is just one of the grimy gems they offer. Fun for the whole wretched family.
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Naught Lord Scum's low-fi, murky approach towards doom metal echoes to Pentagram's and Electric Wizard's compelling haze of doom metal domination. I recommend giving Lord Scum's self-titled album a listen.
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From the dankest depths of the pond, Lord Scum spews forth their debut album of lo-fi stoner metal jams.

The Putrid One, Lord Scum, has awoken from his inebriated slumber to drink ooze, smoke scumleaf, and give you this free download.

The whirlpool's open. It's time to dive!


released April 20, 2017

Allen "Algaenon" Fonseca - Guitar & Lead Summoner
Doug "Oozerus" Blake - Bass & Ritualistic Backup
Zak "(Land) Philth" Kirwin - Drums & Supporting Pukecantations


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Secret Awesome Headquarters Massachusetts

SecretAwesome is an art collaborative from Cape Cod, MA. Most of this music is recorded in damp basements. We can't stop making this weird stuff and we want to share.

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Track Name: Now I Lay Me Down to Spew
The altar glows like a kaleidoscope
From broken bottle stained glass windows
A beacon for those who call themselves scum
Beyond the smoke lies the kingdom of mud

Rivers of slime Oceans of ooze
A paradise for the ones that spew
Scum leaf grows on every tree
Every pond is filled with algae

Inhale communion from the Putrid One
The leaves his hair, the pipe his lungs
Close your eyes and recite the oath
Lord Scum take me to your home

Now I lay me down to spew
I give Lord Scum my soul to you
If I should die before I puke
Throw me in the sea of ooze.

The pond is hazy
The slime begin to rise
The ground is shaking
The water opens wide

The whirlpool's swirling
Our ride's arrived
The master's calling
It's time to dive.
Track Name: Scumageddon
Send word to the afterlife. The bloody slaughter begins tonight.
Written in The Book Of Scum. You knew we were the chosen ones.
Revelations do prophesize. Pond Scum brings the end of time.

Dark Times have just begun.
Green blood covers up the sun.
You’ll puke until you die.
The mighty Lord Scum arise!!!

....and eat the faithful ones, alive….

Oceans of ooze shall cover the land.
You’ll feel the touch of his burning hand.
Your eyes’ll melt and your organs pour,
Onto Lord Scum’s killing floor.
Track Name: Pit of the Stankor
Decaying Pastures
Under its feet
Sent by The Master

The Oozen Fiend
Has been Unleashed
The Skull Basher

There's nowhere to run
The battle has begun
Time to shed blood
Trapped inside the…

Wicked Caster of
Plague and Disease
Fetid Bastard

Cavern of Teeth
Become its Feast
Your soul captured

Track Name: Scumleaf
On the banks of the pond, grows the scumleaf. You can smell it strong. Its strange powers are known to all, but only Pond Scum heed the call.

Scumleaf you're my only love, there cannot be another. Scumleaf burning in my mind. Smoke of many colors.

I see its ember burning bright. Smoke the scumleaf every night. Haze surrounds me. You think I'm dumb, but you can't stop me. I am Pond Scum.
Track Name: Necromancer of the Pond
See the blind man
In his mossy cloak
Feel the bile
Rising in your throat

He’s the warlock of filth
He’s the wizard of scum
Necromancer of The Pond

You’re binded to his will
For Lord Scum you will kill
His evil deeds fulfilled

Smell his aura
As it coats your lungs
Hear his mumbles
In forgotten tongues

He’s the warlock of filth
He’s the wizard of scum
Necromancer of The Pond

You’re binded to his will
For Lord Scum you will kill
His evil deeds fulfilled

Magic herbs let him see the dead
Blowing smoke to resurrect
Rotten corpses and piles of bones
Reanimated for the Demon Lord


He’s the warlock of filth
He’s the wizard of scum
His will will be done
Lord Scum’s chosen one
Necromancer of The Pond
Track Name: Where the Black Scumleaf Grows
Where the black scumleaf grows
Mortals have lost their souls
Stench drifting from the pond
Follow the sirens’ song

Reaching the water’s edge
Breathe in the pestilence
Fumes swirling in your head
Nauseas delirious

Stumble closer
The water’s warm
Let it take you
And be reborn.

Mold growing on your bones
Spores in your ventricles
Slime replaces your blood
Transform into Pond Scum

Where the black scumleaf grows
Where the black scumleaf grows

The Water’s Calling...
Track Name: All Hail Lord Scum
Smoker of the scum leaf
Drinker of the sacred ooze
Summoned by the high priest
Arise from your sunken tomb

Rider of the slime beast
Floating on the black foam
Savior of the unclean
Sit upon the scum throne

Minions of the Deep One
Purging to become saved
Bowels of repugnance
The dawning of a new plague

All Hail Lord Scum

All Hail Lord Scum. Worship The Putrid One.
Awakened by ancient slime. Be Reborn.

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